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How to Instantly Transfer Money from Cash App to Venmo?

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  • Cash App and Venmo are well known platforms that allow you to handle money digitally. Cash App is a simple way to buy and sell Bitcoins and invest in stocks. Venmo, on the other hand, allows friends to comment and share transactions. Users often look for ways to connect these platforms despite their differences. Cash App and Venmo users, two of the most popular peer-to-peer payment platforms, frequently find themselves in need of money to be moved between the services. Due to the absence of an integrated feature, it is not possible to transfer money Venmo to cash app. Users can still accomplish this task by using a bank account that is linked to both Cash App and Venmo.
    Transfer the desired amount first from the Cash App into your linked bank account. Select "Cash out" and choose "Instant," which will incur a fee of 1.5% for an immediate transfer. Open the Venmo App and select "Add Money" after you have transferred the funds to your bank account. Enter the amount you want to transfer to your Venmo from your bank. Then confirm. You can move money between Venmo and your bank account using this workaround. It is not direct, but it works.

    How to Transfer Money from Cash App to Venmo?
    There is now way to directly send money Venmo to Cash App due to both platforms working independently and needing integrated cross-transfer support. Users can achieve their goal by using a workaround that involves a bank account shared between both services. Here is how:

    1. Link a common bank account:
      You must have a bank account linked to your Cash App and Venmo. This account will be used to transfer money.

    2. Transfer Cash App to your Bank:
      • Navigate to your account balance by opening the Cash App.
      • Tap "Cash out" to transfer the desired amount to your linked account. Select "Instant" to transfer the money immediately but at a fee. Choose "Standard" to avoid fees and process it within one to three business days.

    3. Transfer money from your bank to Venmo
      • Open the Venmo App once the funds have been deposited into your account.
      • Select "Add Money" from the "Manage Balance Tab."
      • Venmo will ask you to confirm your transaction. Enter the amount that you want to transfer from your bank to Venmo.


    Can I send money to Venmo through Cash App?
    There currently needs to be a direct way to transfer money from Cash App directly to Venmo. The funds must be transferred first to a linked common bank account.

    Can I use Venmo app to get cash?
    Venmo users can withdraw money from their Venmo account to a bank account linked to the Venmo account or use an eligible debit card.

    Can Venmo send cash out money?
    Venmo has the same limitations as Cash App. You cannot send money to Cash App directly. You will need to use your linked bank account.

    Can I transfer funds from Venmo to Cash App?
    You can transfer money from Venmo into Cash App by using your linked bank account.