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Exif information of images

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  • When taking single panorama photos the Exif information is incomplete.
    The ISO number and exposure time is not set which is really important information when it comes to images.
    Setting the camera to auto means you have no idea which values were used.
    Could that information be included in the images please.

  • OK, I will close this issue down.

    The latest firmware has actually delivered !!!

    Images now have the correct EXIF information as you would expect.

    Thank you.

  • A week gone by - and more silence.

    You seriously want to tell me that Labpano - the professional grade panorama hard and software supplier - as your facebook pages states is unable to provide proper EXIF data for the images taken with the camera??

    You really should talk to the development team again.

    Several people who have worked with Sony camera modules in and for 360 cameras have confirmed - it is definitely possible - the data is there - even in auto mode!!!

  • You seriously saying in auto mode the camera doesn't "know" which ISO, exposure time and WB it has used to take the image???
    A camera manufacturer which claims they are making cameras for professionals can't write correct EXIF information???!!!
    This is unbelievable and sooo bad!!!
    Wow !!!

    The camera is controlled by software and this software will determine in auto mode which values to use and then instructs the camera module to take a picture with those values - it doesn't happen by magic - it is software.
    So you telling me that the camera doesn't "know" is quite bad.

  • @kronpano @OmniSynThesis_360_VR
    It is a known issue, we came to the conclusion that when the ISO and WB in auto mode and this issue can not be fixed to gain the exact information, for the time being. Non-Auto mode, the camera will record the data of ISO and the exposure time, but not the WB.

  • @123 - anybody from Labpano wants to join the discussion about actually fixing things that have been broken for more than a year now??

  • @kronpano
    You are very right. This has been reported by Jeffrey Martin, Yuqing Goa and me starting about a year ago.

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