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  • I can't upload videos to YouTube, is it a bug?.

  • Hi.Recently, the YouTube platform has become a powerful cognitive and educational tool, enjoying great popularity around the world. That is why anyone can start their blogging career by uploading videos they have shot and gaining an audience that is interested in it. The platform will help you realize your creative potential, and if problems arise, just contact youtube and they will help you with the difficulty that has arisen.

  • Hi folks! I'm having the same issue and don't have any clue how I should sort it out. I've also tried to upload in a great coverage area, and unfortunately, unsuccessful. I would highly appreciate any excellent advice you could provide me with. Recently I ran into this review about Youtube video downloader software and have installed one of them. I wonder if this could serve as a cause for my issue. I'm keenly waiting for feedback. Many thanks for considering my request! Cheers!

  • @123 Hi, I had another look at why my videos wouldn't upload to YouTube, it was because I was logged into the wrong account๐Ÿ˜ฌ. All is good now ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @123 Hi, the os is v5.12.2, I have tried different videos of various sizes FPS and resolution. When I press upload a message pops up and says upload failed and in a blue box it says try again. If I upload to Google Drive it uploads no problem. I can upload it on my PC but I just wonder why I can't on the pilot one ee. ๐Ÿค” Thanks

  • @sid May I have the size of the video?
    What are the prompts on the interface while uploading from the camera?

  • @sid
    Please make sure the OS of the camera is the latest. We can upload the video to YouTube without any problems, it can be caused by the network. Or you can download the videos to the PC-end by connecting the camera to PC with USB-cable and upload it to YouTube through PC, it will be faster and time-saving.

  • @osama I'm at home with Good internet when I try to upload it. GSV uploaded with no problems.

  • @sid
    I've experienced this issue and when I restarted my camera and moved to another location. I've found out that I was in a location that hard to GPS icon lighted in the camera, which mean that location with no good network coverage.
    Please let me know if you solve this issue. Try to upload in a great coverage area.


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