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I have a few question. Pleae answer.

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  • Hi.

    I have a few question. My company have video streaming solution for industrial purpose. Your device is very powerful and impressive. I want to ask below.

    1. Can install '3rd party app' in your device???
      If not, can you provide 'development kit'???
      I want your answer about above question
      And I have one more question.
      I want to know about "Video Player"

    2. If I record 'video contents' using your device. That video file can play only using "your company's video player"?????
      Or Can Play using "common / commercial other company's video player"?????

    I have these 2 questions. I want to know answer about them.


  • Hello, Pilot Cameras supports to install '3rd party app' in the device.

    You can play the 360 videos on the PiPlayer player and PotPlayer player, among others. You can also upload it to Youtube, Facebook, and other platform which support the 360 panoramic video. When you play it on the computer rather than the special 360 VR player, it will come out as Rectangular rather than 360 image. By the way, there are also certain requirements for the performance of the computer to play the 8K 360 video.

  • Labpano offers an open API which can be found here
    Using this Android API you can develop apps and put them on the camera.

    360 video content can be played back with any 360 capable video player.
    You can find 360 videos taken with Labpano cameras on YouTube, Facebook and many other sites.
    Also local video players like VLC can play videos taken with the cameras.

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