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  • I would like to try using the Pilot One EE sample data into the Pilot Tour online software first before buying one. Where can I download such sample data?

    thanks in advance.

  • @dgb360tech
    Below is the link of the PilotTour works for your reference

    https://tour.labpano.com/pano/2009125f5cdac66514d894887238 https://tour.labpano.com/pano/2010085f7efe001c79b994249212

    The Indoor PilotTour is beta version in the preliminary stage. On account of the PilotTour relied on the V-slam tech to location and position, should the outdoor shooting environment lacking reference objects, it will lead to failure location. Thus, you would be required to step back to the previous shooting spot to relocate and continue the Tour, and if it still fails to pinpoint, you can press end to this PilotTour in place.

    Despite this, shooting outdoor PilotTour in a small area is possible, such as the backyard, on the premise that there are reference objects highly recognizable.

    Plus, in an invariable shooting environment, take the bamboo forest, we take the lens as eyes of human beings, and she can’t tell the direction during such shooting condition non-obvious references. It is the same for the outdoor shooting environment where lack of apparent reference objects to position.

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