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How to Increase Venmo Limit per Day: A Comprehensive Guide

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  • Venmo has become a popular and convenient way to send and receive money. However, as a Venmo user, you may encounter a limit on the amount you can transact in a day. Don't worry; in this guide, we will show you how to increase your Venmo limit per day so you can make larger transactions with ease. Whether you're a casual user or a business owner, this information will come in handy.

    How to Increase Venmo Limit per Day

    Before you can increase your Venmo limit, it's crucial to understand what your current limit is. Venmo sets initial spending and withdrawal limits for all users. To check your current limit, follow these steps:

    • Open the Venmo app on your mobile device.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.
    • Select "Settings."
    • Tap on "Payment Limits."
    • Here, you will see your current spending and withdrawal limits.

    Verify Your Identity

    One of the most effective ways to increase your Venmo limit is by verifying your identity. Venmo offers higher limits to users who provide more information. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open the Venmo app.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines.
    • Select "Settings."
    • Tap on "Identity Verification."

    Follow the prompts to verify your identity by providing your legal name, date of birth, and Social Security Number.

    Link a Bank Account

    Linking a bank account to your Venmo account can significantly increase your venmo daily limit. It adds a layer of security and trust to your profile. Follow these steps to link your bank account:

    • Open the Venmo app.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines.
    • Select "Settings."
    • Tap on "Payment Methods."
    • Choose "Add a Bank Account" and follow the instructions to link your account.

    Confirm Your Email Address

    Verifying your email address is a simple but effective step to increase your Venmo limit. Here's how to do it:

    • Open the Venmo app.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines.
    • Select "Settings."
    • Tap on "Email."

    Confirm your email address by clicking the link sent to your email inbox.

    Increase Your Transaction History

    Venmo often reviews your transaction history when deciding on limit increases. To build a positive transaction history, use Venmo regularly for both sending and receiving money. Engaging in more transactions can lead to higher limits over time.

    Request a Limit Increase

    If you've followed the previous steps and still need a higher limit, don't hesitate to request one directly from Venmo. Here's how:

    • Open the Venmo app.
    • Tap on the three horizontal lines.
    • Select "Settings."
    • Tap on "Help."
    • Choose "Contact Us" and request a limit increase.

    Stay Active and Responsible

    To maintain your increased Venmo limit, it's essential to use the platform responsibly. Avoid suspicious or fraudulent activities, as they can lead to limitations or account closure. Always adhere to Venmo's policies and guidelines.


    Q: Can I increase my Venmo limit instantly?

    A: No, increasing your Venmo limit may take time, especially if you need to build a transaction history or verify your identity.

    Q: Is there a limit on how much I can receive in a single transaction?

    A: Yes, Venmo has a limit on how much you can receive in a single transaction. It's essential to check your current limits in the app.

    Q: Are there fees associated with increasing my Venmo limit?

    A: No, Venmo does not charge fees for increasing your limit. These upgrades are usually free of charge.

    Q: Can I have multiple Venmo accounts to increase my limits?

    A: No, Venmo's terms of service prohibit users from having more than one account.

    Q: Will linking a credit card instead of a bank account increase my limit?

    A: Linking a credit card can be an option, but it's typically more effective to link a bank account for higher limits.

    Q: Can I use Venmo for business transactions?

    A: Yes, Venmo offers business accounts with higher transaction limits and additional features. Consider upgrading if you frequently use Venmo for business.


    Increasing your Venmo limit per day is achievable by following the steps outlined in this guide. From verifying your identity to building a positive transaction history, these methods will help you enjoy the full benefits of Venmo for both personal and business use. Remember to use the platform responsibly, and you'll be well on your way to managing larger transactions effortlessly.

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