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Editing photos before posting to tour.

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  • I had just want the new pilot 1EE and have had it for approximately one week. I've seen quite a few stitching issues confined to smaller rooms. I also see a fair amount of noise in some of the images.

    At this point I don't believe that we have access to raw formats out of this camera. I'm looking to improve the images prior to posting up to the pilot tour. My questions are.

    1. When collecting panos in the pilot's tour process on board in the pilot one EE do we have the ability to modify those images in a software package on the computer or modify them on the pilot one drive?
    2. Is metadata written to the images as they are taken giving them a matrix for positioning them in the tour? Much like a Geo Tiff?
    3. Images taken outside of the pilot tour can be uploaded to Google and downloaded as JPEG's which can be improved with editing software. Can these images then be reimported back into the camera and introduced into the pilot tour software?
    4. Is there some sort of distance scaling recommendations for controlling the stitching slider on the camera? The image quality coming out of the camera on its live feed is not good enough for me to be able to interpret whether have the slider correcting the stitching issues.

    Any thoughts on getting good looking 8K images out of this camera would be greatly appreciated. Currently I'm not super impressed with the outcome of the images themselves. The software and utility of the camera are excellent. But when investing in an 8K platform I was expecting much better images.

    Thank you for any advice.

  • @lummers said in Editing photos before posting to tour.:

    I have in pdf took up a lot of space pictures, I do not know how to fix it because I need a shorter file, I see discuss pictures, maybe someone has encountered?

    Oh, I understand your pain. If you need to shrink a document to fit, if it's the pictures that are the problem, there are a few easy ways to do it. First, try using online PDF compression services. I found a great article that details how to do this: https://pdfguru.com/blog/how-to-compress-pdf . The article describes several tools that are free and easy to use.

  • I have in pdf took up a lot of space pictures, I do not know how to fix it because I need a shorter file, I see discuss pictures, maybe someone has encountered?

  • I would also advise you to be careful with ISO. It’s a cool option to use, but it can also result in a lot of noise in a picture, especially if the camera is not expensive. On regular cameras, you better not use ISO higher than 600 or even 400.
    It is possible to reduce the noise in photoshop or lightroom, but I would strongly recommend not to reduce it a lot because the picture will look blurry. The thing you want to reach is the balance between the shutter speed and the ISO.
    And then you can send the pictures to theframeroom.com, so they frame them nicely and give someone a present.

  • @michael

    PilotTour we are using now is a beta testing version and free to use before we release the official version.

    The link below is what the PilotTour can do now for your reference:

    https://tour.labpano.com/pano/2009125f5cdac66514d894887238 https://tour.labpano.com/pano/2010085f7efe001c79b994249212

    We are still working on the 3D tour, the unveiled time is not yet determined, stay tuned. However, the photos taken with Pilot cameras can be used in the other Virtual tour platform to create the 3D tour (Matrix).

  • Dear Michael,

    How are you doing?

    I regret to inform you that the Pilot One EE cameras do not support Raw formats, the advantage of the camera is its in-camera stitching workflow.

    When you shooting in narrow and smaller rooms, please adjust the stitch focus to 2m.
    In opening and large spaces indoor and outdoor like the stadium, park, garden, grassland, theatre, airport among others, set the stitch focus to infinite.

    For the other shooting locations please adjust the stitch focus between 2meter and infinite depends on the actual size of the space.

    For the image noise, please set the Pro parameters ISO, exposure time listed on the upper right corner of the screen, normally the camera ISO and exposure time is auto in default.

    HDR is suitable for stills, otherwise, there will be ghosts in the images. when you shooting in the street and places full of moving people and objects, please turn off the HDR.

    You can edit the PilotTours photos on PTGui,Photoshop etc., prior to posting up to the PilotTour, Note that do not modify the name of the image and the file.

    Best regards

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