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HDR photo

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  • Hi Labpano developers.

    Am a professional filmmaker/photographer who is enjoying experimenting and using your Pilot Era. There are two simple improvements that can substantially improve for professionals the usability of your device who shooting location stills.

    1. Bracketing for HDR images.

    You support HDR but it appears be limited, meaning the range and number of exposures is 3. Right?

    You should allow users to select the number of images to take and the range of exposure. In a scene with a high dynamic range of brightness/darkness, 7 images may be needed. All professional photo cameras do this.

    So a setting could be:

    7 images, range of 2, meaning 7 images are taken with exposures of -4, -2, 0, +2, +4


    7 images, range of 3, meaning 7 images are taken with exposures of -6, -3, 0, +3, +6

    Even if your HDR software can't merge them, having source files is a huge benefit because they can be combined with external software.

    2). Raw photo files!!! JPG compression sucks, as you know.


  • Dear M,

    Thank you for the comments and your constructive suggestions. We can understand your concerns.

    Due to the hardware limitation, Pilt Era and Pilot One EE do not support Raw.

    In terms of the requirements of adding the HDR to 7 images from now the three images, I regret to inform you that we cannot optimize and improve it on the camera Pilot One and Pilot Era thanks to the limitation of the hardware structure.

    We will take your advice in mind and consider them in future products.

    Best regards

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