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Why PayPal payment received pending while transferring money via PayPal?

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  • We need to know how to transfer money via paypal to not Paypal payment received pending

    Understanding "Pending" Payments on PayPal

    PayPal offers a quick and convenient way to send and receive money online. However, you might occasionally see a transaction marked as "Pending" after receiving a payment. This status can be a little confusing – here's what it means and what to expect.

    Why Your PayPal Payment Is Pending

    Several reasons could justify a pending status on a PayPal payment:

    New seller status: PayPal often places a temporary hold on funds for new sellers or for sellers who have been inactive for a while. This is a standard security measure to protect both buyers and sellers.

    Unverified account: If your PayPal account or the sender's account isn't fully verified, the payment might be pending review.

    eCheck payments: eChecks (electronic checks) take several business days to clear, so your payment status will remain pending during this time.

    Unusual activity: PayPal's system might flag a transaction as unusual if it deviates from your typical spending pattern, leading to a pending status for further review.

    Risk review: In some cases, PayPal holds payments to reduce the risk of fraud or chargebacks

    What To Do When a PayPal Payment Is Pending

    Usually, there's no need to take immediate action when you have a pending payment. Here's what you should expect:

    Wait: In most cases, pending payments clear within a few days, especially if they are eChecks. You'll receive a notification from PayPal once the payment is available in your account.

    Check your PayPal account: Look for messages from PayPal in your account or email regarding the pending payment. They might explain the reason for the hold and any actions you need to take.

    Verify your account: Ensure your PayPal account is fully verified with a linked bank account and confirmed address.

    Contact the sender: If the payment remains pending longer than expected, contact the sender to ask them to confirm they sent the payment correctly.

    Contact PayPal: If you have any doubts or the payment doesn't clear for an extended time, contact PayPal customer support directly for clarification and assistance.

    Important Considerations

    It's generally advised not to ship any goods you're selling until the payment status changes from "Pending" to "Completed." This minimizes the risk of the buyer claiming a refund while you've already sent the item.

    Be patient. The review process often takes a little time. Remember, PayPal has these security measures to protect you from fraud and ensure smooth transactions.


    Although a pending payment might cause temporary inconvenience, understand it's usually a standard security process. By following these steps and understanding PayPal's policies, you can be well-prepared to navigate pending payments and ensure the safe and reliable transfer of your funds.

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