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Tour points are messed up

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  • So this is the third time im trying to make a tour of a property and everything seems fine until i upload the tour and all the points are messed up. Any suggestions on how to fix it ? This is a serious issue for me and extremely frustrating.

    Example: http://tour.labpano.com/pano/21051760a24f3b84515912477772

  • @thepropertyhouse

    Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    The current version of the PilotTour is still in the preliminary phase, which can meet the basic need of virtual tour and is free to use until we launch the official version. The advantage of the PilotTour is mainly for indoor environment and in a small area outdoor environment. The preliminary version of the PilotTour still exist the wall penetration problems, we will fix it along with the 3D tour which will take around 3-5 months to complete.

    Tips and tricks on PilotTour:

    1: Ensure the Pilot OS system and Pilot Go App are in the latest OS version.

    2: Plan the shooting path ahead of time.

    3: Keep the indoor light sufficient and even. Insufficient dark light will affect the quality of the photo.

    4: Turn on HDR mode and avoid the objects around in motion status.

    5: Avoid too much sunlight enters from the window. Otherwise, it will lead to photo overexposure, and the workaround is to draw the curtain or block the strong sunlight outside the window.

    6: When moving the camera to the next shooting point, make sure that the camera moves horizontally.

    7: Multi-storey buildings, it is recommended to make a separate tour for each floor as a workaround until we roll out the official version of PilotTour.

    Best regards

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