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Overheating PilotOneEE

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  • I recorded a wedding recently and after about 25 minutes the camera started beeping and telling me the camera was overheating and to connect the heatsink which was already connected.

    I'm a little concerned that despite it being connected that no heat was being dissipated through the heatsink.

    I'd really appreciate some advice with this.


  • @fullcirclephoto This is a heat test between pilot one and EE. https://youtu.be/e2AVZTx-E5c

  • @123 This is my concern though.
    The heatsink is connected but none of the heat from the camera is getting passed to the heatsink.

    If the heatsink was working then the surface temperature of the camera wouldn't increase as much as it does.

    The heatsink temperature should be increasing as it dissipates excess heat from the camera but this is nit happening.

    I understand that there are no sensors to tell the camera that heatsink is connected but it does have sensors to indicate that the temperature is rising enough to warn that the camera is overheating.

    This is a major issue that needs rectified quite urgently.

    I am busy trying to make an interim measure to draw the heat from the camera to prevent it being damaged but this is a design flaw.


  • @fullcirclephoto
    Hello, the camera become overheating is a normal phenomenon when it is in working status. Make sure you connect the external heatsink to protect the component of the camera and the overheating will not affect the normal live streaming or recording. The camera keep report overheating reminders is because the camera and the external heatsink have no perception relationship.

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