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What is Venmo Person To Person Transfer Limit?

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  • Venmo has revolutionized the way we manage our finances, especially when it comes to peer-to-peer transactions. As a widely used payment platform, it's crucial to understand the limits imposed on transactions, particularly the Venmo person to person transfer limit. This guide will walk you through these limits, their implications, and how you can increase them for a smoother financial experience.

    Understanding Venmo Person To Person Transfer Limit

    When you're using Venmo for personal transactions, there are certain limits you need to be aware of. These limits are in place for security reasons and to comply with financial regulations. Here's a breakdown:

    Unverified Accounts

    For users who have not verified their identity, the Venmo weekly spending limit is capped at $299.99. This includes all your transactions, whether you're sending money, making payments, or purchasing items.

    Verified Accounts

    Once you verify your identity with Venmo, your limits increase significantly. Verified users have a weekly spending limit of $4,999.99. This limit is further broken down into:

    • Person-to-person payments: Up to $4,999.99 per week.
    • Authorized merchant payments: Up to $6,999.99 per week.
    • Venmo Mastercard Debit Card transactions: Up to $6,999.99 per week, with a $2,999.99 limit per transaction.

    How To Verify Your Identity on Venmo

    Verifying your identity on Venmo is a straightforward process that can significantly increase your transaction limits. Here's how you can do it:

    1. Open the Venmo app and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
    2. Select Settings and then Identity Verification.
    3. Provide the required information, which typically includes your full name, date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN), and physical address.
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the verification process.

    Once your identity is verified, your limits will be automatically increased.

    Tips for Increasing Your Venmo Limit

    Aside from verifying your identity, there are other ways to potentially increase your Venmo limit:

    • Regular use: Consistently using Venmo for transactions can sometimes lead to an increase in your limit.
    • Linking a bank account or credit card: Adding and verifying a bank account or credit card can enhance your credibility on the platform and may lead to an increase in your limit.
    • Contacting Venmo support: If you have a legitimate need for a higher limit, reaching out to Venmo's customer support might result in an adjustment.


    Q: What happens if I exceed my Venmo limit?

    A: If you attempt to make a transaction that exceeds your Venmo limit, Venmo will decline the transaction. You'll need to wait until the next week (when your limit resets) or increase your limit to proceed.

    Q: Do Venmo limits reset weekly or monthly?

    A: Venmo limits reset on a rolling weekly basis. The week is counted from the moment you make your first transaction.

    Q: Can businesses have higher limits on Venmo?

    A: Yes, Venmo offers higher limits for approved business profiles. These limits are determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Q: Is there a limit on how much money I can receive on Venmo?

    A: There is no limit on the amount of money you can receive on Venmo. However, there are limits on how much you can send and spend.


    Understanding the Venmo Person To Person Limit is crucial for managing your transactions smoothly. By verifying your identity, you can significantly increase your limits and make the most out of Venmo's services. Remember to regularly review your limits and contact Venmo support if you need adjustments to suit your financial needs.

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