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I am having stitching issues when finalized on the Pilot One ee

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  • Hello,

    I have been using my Pilot One ee for about 6 months now. Initially, I was having issues with stitching especially where straight lines are concerned, such as house siding and room molding. It could be vertical or horizontal.

    I use mine in HDR always and have made sure it goes through the restitching process in the end before downloading. Now, like initially used I am having, even more, larger errors, more noticeable. My firmware is up to date!
    Screenshot 2021-09-24 125620.png.

    I now see this in almost all vertical edges, like moldings and bedposts for example. This screenshot came from a home I shot yesterday, in just one area. At least half of all the 20 images I shot had something that was not right within and can be multiple places in that same shot.

    What can I do and why is this continually happening?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @fredpais By the way, can you share me the original photo of this one which you reported above?
    Please update to Google drive and share us the link to download

    Thank you

  • Hello Fred,

    thank you for the report.
    Firstly, please make sure that when you take the photo with Pilot One EE
    1, update the Pilot camera OS and the Pilot Go to the latest version
    2, Turn on the Auto Level
    3, before the shooting, recalibrate the Gyroscope, you can do it on Camera-Settings-Gyro, then place the camera on a level table and press the recalibrate , then the camera will auto recalibrate the gyro.
    4, Turn on the Optical flow stitching. We optimize the O-F stitching and the stitching now upragde a lot, so please make sure that the O-F stitching is turned on.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

    thank you

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