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How do I know my Qibla direction?

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  • To know your qibla direction you can use onlinecompass.net/qibla-finder that provides accurate and quick qibla direction.
    This tool employs the coordinates of the Kaaba (Latitude: 21.4224779, Longitude: 39.8251832), alongside your present location (obtained via GPS or input manually), to ascertain the shortest path between two locations on Earth, known as the great-circle distance. This calculation is accomplished through the application of the haversine formula.
    The qibla finder on onlinecompass.net not only shows the Qibla direction but also provides a lot of useful information, such as your location, the time in your location, the distance to the Kaaba, and prayer times. In comparison to other online Qibla finders, onlinecompass.net/qibla-finder is one of the best.
    We listed here best qibla finders on web:


    Najeeb Jarrar, currently serving as Google's Regional Marketing Director for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), shared insights in a 2017 conversation with huffpost.com:
    "In Google searches for 'Qibla,' people often seek a website or app that provides clear guidance on the correct prayer direction. This explains why the term 'compass' frequently appears in Qibla-related search results over the past five years," Jarrar explained in a press release. "It would be much simpler to just hold up your phone and have it indicate the prayer direction."

    While accessible on desktop computers, Qibla Finder functions optimally on mobile devices. Users navigate to qiblafinder.withgoogle.com and grant the app access to their device's location. Subsequently, users can hold up their phones, rotate their bodies until they spot an emoji representing the Kaaba in the distance.
    Upon aligning with the correct direction, a bright blue line will manifest on the screen. Google will magnify the Kaaba and even calculate its distance.

    On Android devices, the web app utilizes the phone's camera, causing the blue line to overlay whatever users are viewing. This feature is unavailable on iOS devices, as reported by Gulf News.

    Google introduced Qibla Finder during the sacred month of Ramadan, with plans to maintain the service beyond the holiday season.


    The Qibla finder on onlinecompass.net stands out for its simplicity, speed, and user-friendliness compared to other tools. Here's how to utilize this efficient Qibla finder:
    Visit the onlinecompass.net website to quickly and accurately determine the direction of the Kaaba. This Qibla finder operates seamlessly without requiring any app or software installation; all you need is an internet connection.

    Understanding Compass Directions

    On the Qibla finder, "N" represents magnetic north, "S" stands for magnetic south, "E" indicates east, and "W" denotes west. Additionally, combinations like "NW," "NE," "SW," and "SE" signify northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast, respectively. These directions are typically expressed in degrees, with 0° representing true north, and increasing clockwise around the compass.
    Activating Your Device's GPS

    To utilize our Qibla finder, simply activate your device's GPS and click the location service button to identify your location. This enables our tool to accurately display the direction of the Kaaba. You'll receive a prompt to grant permission for GPS access, which not only facilitates Qibla direction but also provides additional information such as your current time and location.

    Displaying Prayer Times

    Furthermore, the compass will showcase prayer times and the remaining time until each prayer: Fajr (Dawn), Dhuhr (Afternoon), Asr (Late Afternoon), Maghrib (After Sunset), and Isha (Nighttime).

    Sharing Information on Social Media

    An exceptional feature of our online Qibla locator is its comprehensive presentation of all Qibla-related information, including direction, longitude, latitude, location, and prayer times for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.

    Customizing the Qibla Finder Color

    You have the option to personalize the Qibla finder's color by selecting your preferred hue from the color palette.

    Qibla Compass by 9D Muslim Apps

    App Name: Qibla Compass by 9D Muslim Apps
    • Helps Muslims find the Qibla direction (towards the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia) from anywhere in the world
    • Uses GPS and maps to determine the user's location and provide an accurate Qibla direction
    • Offers additional features such as:
    o Prayer times
    o Daily Hadiths
    o Mosque finder (may require a premium subscription)
    o Quran recitation
    o Alarm setting for prayer times with Athan (call to prayer)
    o Record of Allah's 99 names

    User Reviews:
    • Some users find the app helpful and well-designed, despite excessive ads
    • Others appreciate the app's functionality, including prayer times, daily Hadiths, and Qibla direction
    • A few users have concerns about data privacy and tracking cookies
    • The Qibla Compass app is designed to assist Muslims in finding the Qibla direction and offers additional features to support their spiritual practices
    • While some users have concerns about ads and data privacy, many find the app helpful and useful.

    Qibla Finder by Devz Team

    • Helps Muslims find the Qibla direction (towards the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia) using GPS technology and maps
    • Provides two modes for Qibla location:
    o Online mode: uses GPS and internet connection to show the user's current location and Qibla direction in real-time
    o Offline mode: uses a compass to find the Qibla direction without an internet connection

    • Features:
    o Fast and accurate results
    o Clear and understandable interface
    o Rotating maps to show the user's direction and connection to the Kaaba in Mecca
    User Reviews:
    • Users find the app fantastic, excellent, and very useful
    • Praised for its speed, accuracy, and clarity
    • The Qibla Finder app is designed to assist Muslims in finding the Qibla direction using GPS technology and maps
    • Offers two modes for Qibla location, including online and offline modes
    • Users highly recommend the app for its accuracy and ease of use.

    iPray by Beehive Innovation FZE

    • Beautiful, modern, and free to download
    • Supports Android Pie, ensuring security and battery optimization
    • Offers a hand-crafted interface with:
    o Prayer Times
    o Qibla compass
    o No ads, spam, or hidden costs
    • Accurate prayer timings and azan alerts worldwide
    • Zero-configuration required
    • Adjustable prayer times and dates
    • Qiblah direction with multiple levels for accuracy
    • Sticky Status Bar Alerts for notifications

    User Reviews:
    • Users praise the app for its beauty, simplicity, and accuracy
    • Some users have minor issues with notification settings (e.g., Silent vs Without Sound)
    • One user requests clarification on notification options to use the app exclusively
    • The iPray app is a well-designed and user-friendly prayer app with a focus on simplicity and accuracy
    • Offers a range of features for prayer times, Qibla direction, and notifications
    • Users highly recommend the app, with some minor suggestions for improvement.


    • Prayer Times
    • Qibla direction
    • Hilal (moon) visibility calculations
    • High accuracy calculations
    • Innovative features
    • No ads
    • No glitches
    User Reviews:

    • One user highly recommends the app, praising its accuracy and functionality, especially in remote areas
    • Another user finds the app pleasant but notes that accuracy can be improved, particularly in UK major cities, and suggests simplifying the settings
    • A third user paid for the moon visibility feature but experienced a blank screen after payment, which is a concern
    • The Miqat app focuses on providing accurate prayer times, Qibla direction, and hilal visibility calculations
    • Users appreciate its innovative features and ad-free experience
    • Some users have suggestions for improvement, including simplifying settings and enhancing accuracy in certain regions.


    • No ads
    • Simplified and user-friendly interface
    • Quick access to prayer times
    • Detailed prayer tracker with a chart for the month
    • Dedicated option for marking missed prayers
    • Prayer trends (currently incomplete)
    • Quran ayat (verse) display (currently static, but could be improved to change daily or weekly)
    • Notifications for prayer times (with some minor bugs)
    User Reviews:

    • Users praise the app for its simplicity, speed, and accuracy
    • One user recommends the app, highlighting its unique features and ad-free experience
    • Another user loves the app but suggests improvements, such as completing the prayer trends feature, making the Quran ayat display dynamic, and fixing notification bugs
    • A third user is impressed with the app's accuracy and is excited about its future development, suggesting additional features like a Muslim journal
    • The Pillars app is a Muslim prayer app built with a long-term vision to support the Ummah
    • It offers a range of features, including a simplified interface, prayer tracker, and notifications
    • Users appreciate its ad-free experience and accuracy, with some suggesting improvements for future development.

    iQIBLA Life

    • Daily companion app for Muslims
    • Compatible with smart products like Zikr Ring and Qibla Watch
    • Standalone features include:
    o Prayer times
    o Pilgrimage directions
    o Ramadan daily challenges
    • Tracks user progress and count (with some issues)
    User Reviews:

    • One user found the app and ring helpful for improving their ibadah (worship) but experienced issues with the ring's battery life and counter functionality
    • Another user had a poor experience after an update, encountering connectivity issues, network errors, and app shutdowns
    • The iQIBLA Life app aims to support Muslims in their daily spiritual practices
    • It offers various features, including prayer times and pilgrimage directions, and integrates with smart products
    • Users have experienced some issues with the app and ring, including counter functionality and connectivity problems after an update.


    • All-in-one app for Muslim users
    • Tracks daily prayer times
    • Provides location-specific prayer times
    • Tasbeeh feature for counting dhikr (remembrance of Allah)
    • Prayer Brotherhood feature for sharing prayer requests and building a spiritual community
    Data Privacy and Security:
    • The developer collects and shares user data, with varying practices based on use, region, and age
    • The developer provides information on data privacy and security, which may be updated over time
    • The Alim app is a comprehensive solution for Muslim users to stay connected to their faith
    • It offers various features for tracking prayer times, counting dhikr, and building a spiritual community
    • Users should be aware of the app's data privacy and security practices, which may vary based on their use and region.

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