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How to Increase Your Venmo Daily or Weekly Transfer Limit?

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  • Venmo, a popular mobile payment service, allows users to send and receive money with ease. However, for new users or those who have not completed certain verification steps, the platform imposes initial daily and weekly transfer limits. Increasing these limits not only facilitates larger transactions but also enhances user convenience. This article will guide you through the process of increasing your Venmo limits effectively.

    Initial Transfer Limits on Venmo

    Initially, Venmo users face a transfer limit of $299.99 per week, which encompasses all transactions including payments and authorized merchant purchases. This limit is in place to safeguard users and the platform from fraudulent activities and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Increasing Your Transfer Limits

    To increase your daily and weekly transfer limits on Venmo, follow these detailed steps:

    Complete Identity Verification:

    Venmo requires users to verify their identity to increase their transfer limits. This process involves providing your full name, date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN), and in some cases, additional documentation such as a government-issued ID. To start this process, go to Settings > Identity Verification in your Venmo app.

    Link and Verify a Bank Account:

    Adding and verifying a bank account not only increases your credibility on the platform but also potentially raises your transfer limits. Link your bank account through the Venmo app by entering your bank’s login credentials or by using your account and routing numbers for manual verification.

    Add and Confirm a Credit or Debit Card:

    By adding a credit or debit card and confirming it, you can further enhance your profile’s trust level on Venmo. Card verification may involve a small, refundable charge to your card, which Venmo uses to ensure the card’s validity.

    Regular Use and Good Standing:

    Maintain regular use of your Venmo account and ensure all transactions comply with Venmo’s user agreement. Avoid behaviors that trigger security alerts, such as sudden changes in transaction patterns. Consistent and secure usage over time can lead to automatic increases in your Venmo transfer limits.

    Understanding the Increased Limits

    Once you have completed the necessary verification steps, your Venmo weekly spending limit can increase significantly. For most users, this limit can reach up to $60,000 per week, subject to certain terms and conditions. Remember, the limit for authorized merchant payments and Venmo Mastercard transactions may vary.

    Benefits of Increased Transfer Limits

    Increasing your transfer limits on Venmo provides several advantages:

    • Enhanced Flexibility: Higher limits allow for larger transactions, which is particularly beneficial for major purchases or splitting significant expenses like travel costs or group gifts.
    • Increased Convenience: With higher limits, you can manage your money more effectively, reducing the need to spread transactions over multiple weeks.
    • Greater Security: Completing the identity verification process not only increases your limits but also adds a layer of security to your account, protecting against unauthorized access and fraud.

    Common Questions about Venmo Transfer Limits

    Why does Venmo have transfer limits?

    Venmo sets transfer limits to comply with federal regulations and to reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering.

    Can I increase my limits beyond the standard after verification?

    Venmo periodically reviews accounts and may offer further increases based on your account activity and history.

    What happens if I reach my Venmo transfer limit?

    Once you reach your limit, you will be unable to send more money until the limit resets at the start of the following week.

    Are there different limits for sending and receiving money?

    The limits discussed apply to total weekly spending, which includes both sending and receiving transactions.


    Increasing your Venmo transfer limits is straightforward once you complete the necessary verification steps. By enhancing your limits, you unlock the full potential of Venmo’s services, making your financial transactions smoother and more convenient. Regularly review your account settings and follow Venmo’s guidelines to ensure you can maximize your transaction capabilities.

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