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Hotspot connection problems

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  • I keep loosing the connection between One ee and my phone while connecting through the hotspot settings from the camera. Even though the phone is very close and the wifi on the phone states that it is still connected. Sometimes the one ee wifi signal disappears completely, even if the phone is right next to it.

    Any ideas??

  • Update to my hotspot connection problems...
    I achieved a somewhat reliable connection with the following settings...
    On the Pilot One, set the screen timeout to NEVER, backlight to minimum to minimize power consumption.
    Use hotspot on the phone, not the camera. (This will reduce camera power consumption as well.)
    On the phone, set battery usage to "Unrestricted" for the Pilot One app.
    The reliability of the connection is highly dependent on absence or presence of interference. While in urban areas or in the city, connection reliability is low, lasting only 10-15 minutes before needing to reconnect using the Connect button on the app. Connection reliability is much better in backcountry or rural areas such as a trail. While on a recent 46-mile bicycle ride (4 hours, 45 minutes) in a rural, sparsely populated areas, I only had to reconnect about every 45 minutes.

  • @123 Yes that would be the ideal solution but I'm recording while riding a bicycle.

  • Following, I have the same issue with disconnects from phone hotspot.

  • You can use the ethernet network by connectiing a Hub through the type-C port at the bottom of the camera, wired network is faster and more stable.

  • Small update. I have the same problem when I try to connect through the internet router and I also tried to connect the camera through the hotspot option on the phone. They allways connect, but after a very short while it disconnects and it is very difficult to establish a connection again.

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