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Introducing my work using the labpano pilot era.

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  • First of all, please understand that my English is not good.

    I am shooting a street view in South Korea.
    I recently took a street view of a historical place in Korea. I'd like to share this workflow with you.

    (an example of a work)

    The equipment I use

    1. labpano pilot era
    2. backpack
    3. monopod
    4. ardusimple - RTK+INS simpleRTK2B-F9R V3 (External gps receiver)
    5. GNSS antenna
    6. Power Bank 10000mah

    alt text
    this is my backpack

    alt text
    alt text
    Mount the camera on the monopod. It is fixed tightly by clamps.
    Additionally, try using a 5-8 mm thick acrylic plate! There's a sense of stability.

    alt text
    This is me taking a street view.

    See the link for instructions on how to connect external gps to the camera
    link text

    Summarize my workflow

    1. Mount the camera on the monopod fixed to the backpack.
    2. Power on the camera and the external GPS.
    3. Connect the external GPS to the camera.
    4. [Important!] Synchronize the camera's time with GPS time. (Using an app 'Smart Time Sync')
    5. Before you start shooting, check whether the latitude and longitude change well. (Sometimes the latitude and longitude do not change due to errors.)
    6. Connect with the labpano remote app, Start shooting the street view.
    7. Loads the captured video to your computer.
    8. Use the 'UL2GSV' tool to output the GPX file.
    9. Color grading in Premiere Pro.
    10. Upload a street view using the UL2GSV tool. (with GPX files)
  • @alswnd9339 SO COOL

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