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GIS Metadata in Videos?

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  • Hi,
    I just captured a "GSV" video but I dont want to upload to GSV -- I just want to get the geolocated equirectangular images. I need the metadata including the GPS location, time, orientation, etc.

    However it is not clear to me how the GIS information is embedded in the MP4 video, or if it is stored in another file somewhere. I am confident I could process it if it is extractable as CSV or XML data -- how does one recover this information?

  • I requested access, thank you. Also, this seems to work on ubuntu:

    wget https://github.com/alchemy-fr/exiftool/blob/master/fmt_files/gpx.fmt
    exiftool -ee -p gpx.fmt  FILE

    where FILE is the name of video captured as GSV

    One has to install exiftool first
    A similar command probably works on PowerShell,WSL, or OSX>

    It dumps a GPX file to stdout, so one should use redirection

    exiftool -ee -p gpx.fmt  FILE > out.gpx

    to save the output of course.

  • Dean Zwikel has written a command line software called GSV2JPG
    It extracts images with GIS information embedded as well as a GPX file.

    The SW is available for free but you need to request access

    Here is a link to a facebook post by Dean
    and if you are not on FB here is a link to the document on google drive.

    The GIS information is embedded in a special CAMM track but AFAIK the Labpano cameras are not implementing it 100% - but it works.

  • Same question here.
    I can see a video stream and a metadata stream in the mp4 file.
    How can we use the metadata in the "google street view" videos for our own applications?

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