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shorten a video without losing the GPS data

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  • Is it possible to shorten a streetview video without losing the GPS data? And with what program and with what settings? Thank you for your valued estimations.

  • @roymitrany You can use my CAMM2GPX tool to first save the GPS data from the video to a GPX file. Then you can use any video editing tool to trim the end of the video to remove the unwanted part. Then upload the edited video using my VID2GSV tool or you can use Street View Studio. Click the link below and join the group for access to my UL2GSV tools that includes CAMM2GPX and VID2GSV.


  • I have a similar problem. I accidently captured someone's back yard in the last 20 seconds of the video, so I don't want to upload this video as is to StreetView. I couldn't find any way to cut the last part of the video. All the video editing tools that I downloaded, either lose GPS data, or I couldn't even try them because they don't have trial version for 8K videos. If you can be more specific about a video editing tool that will do the job, it would be great.

  • There are some possibilities to do that if you use the right platforms. For example, I have been working with https://www.zaptest.com/ for over a year, and you can find many options and tips to make your work easier and more accessible. Moreover, even if they aren't the most popular company on the market, they work even better than those overrated ones. Also, the best part is that they have an online chat so their team can solve every question you can have while working in some minutes, maximum hours, but it's better than waiting some days.

  • @123

    As for using the Pilot storage segmentation feature in Street View mode, this most likely will cause the different fragments to NOT connect in Street View, as Street View recommends an overlap in case of separate captures.

    It is not possible to simply use 3rd party video editing software to edit a Street View capture, as a Street View video has a special CaMM track that 3rd party editors cannot handle. Do refer to Dean Zwikel's tools for a solution.

  • @wernergetzmann

    The latest upgrade OS version has added a new feature that supporting segment storage on GSV mode. You can turn on the segment storage feature while recording the GSV.

    On the other way to shorten the GSV video, you can use the third editing software to cut the GSV video, it is a suggestion, you can have a try.

    I hope the information above can help you.

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