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The Pilot One EE for make blue line all day is It's appropriate

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  • Interested in doing blue lines, considering using pilot one EE (for the price)

    consider that I still do not have the labpano camera, I do not know details

    One person will do it full time for a few days.

    I have several concerns:
    A car power converter can be used to charge the battery while shooting the video
    What would be a recommended workflow to work during a full day, for example, how many minutes to record per video, when to share it to be published to GSV (it must be done at the end of each video in the vehicle or you can share all the video captured during the day until you get to the office at the end of the day)

    Can you please share views of blue lines in the city taken with the pilot one EE, to evaluate if it is adequate quality for what I am looking for

    any comment helps

    Thanks a lot

  • @ander when you select GSV video mode in the camera-->settings-->Fragment storage, turn it on, you will see the choices following.
    there are 10 min/30min/1h2h/4GB/6GB/8GB/10GB
    When you select either of them, the video will be saved in correspondent size and duration, which can best safety the videos lest continuous 4 or 8 hours recording without stop, if any signal lost during the capture, the whole video will become invalid, and your whole days work just wasted. Moreover, a smaller video is also helpful to easier upload to the GSV platform compare to the 100G or more GB video upload at one time.

  • @123 Hi! What do you mean with "turn on the segment storage feature"? thanks

  • Hello,

    Pilot One EE is with 3400mAh built-in battery up to 1.5-2 hours continuously recording. It supports connecting the external power supply through the type-c port.

    Please make sure the car power supply needs to comply with fast charging PD protocol, and the charging power not less than 20W.

    If you plan to record a whole day, then it is better to turn on the segment storage feature while capturing the GSV , you can upload it in-camera to the google maps platform when back to home or office.