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4h GSV video mode, how much storage space?

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  • Hi, I'm going to buy a pilot one EE to take a 4-hour bike ride and upload it to google street view. How many GB do I need to do it? Assuming that I fill the 512gb of the pilot one EE, can I transfer the content to a computer from the camera and after deleting the images continue doing the tour? Thanks

  • @ander When you say bike ride, I presume you mean bicycle and not motorcycle?

    If bicycle you can comfortably capture using the 4 FPS setting. You only need to use 7 FPS for car driving speeds.

    It will reduce the file sizes and make for a faster upload time.

  • For continuous 4 hours GSV video recording, it takes up around 170G at 7FPS.

    Pilot One EE built-in battery of 3400mAh, and it can carry out 1.5-2 hours of capture, you can extend the recording time by connecting an external power source through the Type-C port at the bottom of the camera.

    GSV has fragment storage, we recommend you turn on this feature while perform in a long time non-stop capturing, which convenient for you to upload the small size video to GSV and ensure the safety of the videos to the most extent lest a signal problem may cause the whole large video invalid.

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