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Internet issues

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  • I had not used my 360 for a few months and now I can't get the internet to connect.


    I have searched all over the camera looking for something I may have triggered, I reset it, I have tried wifi in 5 different places and still can't get it to work

    any suggestions??

  • @123 I am not quite sure how I resolved my issues but I have. I reset the camera, reset my log to tour.labpano and somehow was then able to get on line. I am not a techie, it was all very frustrating but when I get it to work it does a great job. I have apartment buildings and use the camera to video units for lease.

  • @piloteracali2 thank you for the information. I was finally able to work out my issues!

  • @adrienelliott Hi, here Paulo from Cali, colombia, We are using a USB-C type multi adapter with RJ45 Lan port. Sometimes using this port is bettrer to connect to the lan or internet.
    Hope it works for you.

  • I downloaded the new update to the camera that allows you to upload video to Google Street View. I am connected to wifi, but I keep getting this message everytime I try to upload video. Please help!


  • @adrienelliott Hello Adrien, I read your email on Support, but only one email and because of the timezone different, we cannot reply it in time. do you mean the PilotID failed ?

  • Hello Miss Eileen, thank you for responding! Right now I can't get into my account and it won't let me reset my password because I can't remember my old password.

    I will reach out to support, but I have done that 3 times with no response.

  • Hello Adrien, May I have the detail for it, do you mean you cannot connect it through the wifi or something else?
    Can I have a video on the issue which you encountered?
    Please record a video on the issue and upload it to google drive and share the link to us to download and then I can understand the detaill problems.

    May I also have the s/n number of the camera,, you can have it on Settings-about
    Also, have you upscale the camera to the latest version including the Pilot Go App

    You can also contact support@labpano.com

    Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused

    I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Best regards

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